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  1. The new year nightmare begins. So how many passengers were infected during those 2 weeks? (14 trips?) and how many of them just celebrated NYE with their family and friends on two separate sides of the country.
  2. /sport/other-sport/article/1291477/thai-badminton-chief-battles-save-countrys-image-after-court-brawl
  3. The safest in the world. Thai badminton: "Two former badminton doubles partners were involved in a bizarre fight during the men's doubles final at the Canadian Open" /sports/30210981
  4. Look at him, kicking out like a spoiled 2 year old on the floor a supermarket candy section. Is he back in the care of mommy already?
  5. Tired of this already. Just give it to everyone. Those who survive will have more job opportunities.
  6. Ding Ding Ding Round 2 is underway, and it's gonna be a belter!
  7. The lights changed quickly, so he was stopped there. Why are you using a mobile phone while in command of a vehicle on a public road?
  8. I'm not a criminal mastermind, but wouldn't it be better to overnight bus it to a province far far away with a bag of difference clothes etc and use small local buses to travel around to the machines. Then get a few different buses home avoiding big stations if possible.
  9. 我被黑人塞得满满的20p我被黑人塞得满满的20p,36个老司机破解软件多特36个老司机破解软件多特,男友开车到没人的地方要我男友开车到没人的地方要我 JeffersLos
    "after paying for her purchases had wheeled her trolley to a place in the mall selling fried chicken. While she was looking at the prices for the chicken her mother said she was going back to the car. She didn't know that she had taken their trolley back with her. When Ormjan had finished looking at the prices of the chicken she turned round and thinking that the trolley behind her was hers she started wheeling it off. "
  10. I'd go for the Iranian eye for an eye ruling. Cut up his face.
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