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Domestic Marine Applications for Mobil-branded marine lubricants


Many of our marine products are designed to help extend engine life and lower operating costs in various types of marine vessels.

Our technologically advanced mineral and synthetic lubricants are continually optimised to protect the engines and equipment of some of the world’s largest fleets.MobilGard™ oils have repeatedly met and exceeded expectations whilst Mobil SHC™ synthetic oils offer performance benefits and cost savings at even greater temperatures and pressures.

Mobil SHC™ synthetic oils offer performance benefits and cost savings at even greater temperatures and pressures, by extending oil drain intervals and helping reduce component wear.

Coastal and inland waterway freight
These vessels can count on MobilGard™ oils to keep engines running reliably with reduced deposits, cost-effective feed rates and longer time between overhauls.

The unique operating conditions of dredging require cost-effective lubrication solutions. Our range of environmentally aware lubricants, hydraulic oils and specialist greases enable dredging vessels to extend equipment and oil life, lowering operating costs while guarding against pollution in the event of leakage.

Coastal and inland waterway passenger transportation – ferry and cruise ships
Reliability is a key concern for any ferry operator. As part of our range of medium speed engine lubricants for heavy fuel oil use, Mobilgard™ M Series can help you achieve optimal reliability and wear protection. Our engineers can help maximise performance further by using the Detecting Asphaltene Contamination (DAC) test to monitor residual fuel contamination and optimise oil consumption.